Point Soldering-Invented by the Devil?

rubelliteearrings2FinalSILOAn outsiders description of using a point soldering tool could easily be:

Set up your carefully fitted parts in perfect alignment, poke them with a glob of solder stuck to the point soldering tool, WHILE heating it with a torch and melt the solder off the stick exactly into the seam without moving any of your parts out of alignment. Repeat with each piece of solder.

If that doesn’t sound like a recipe for madness, I don’t know what does. If you have already invested the considerable time in making point soldering work for you, fine. If you haven’t, save yourself a lot of time and aggravation and use stone tweezers instead.

Stone tweezers are much better than a solder pick for grabbing, placing and moving little bits of solder. There is no learning curve to speak of and multiple pieces of solder can be arranged before soldering. They are pointy enough to pick up small pieces of solder, and their texture, which is meant to grip small stones, also turns out to be perfect for holding tiny solder balls. In addition, they hold up well when subjected to heat. Use your tweezers to put your solder where you want it before you turn on your torch, and to gently nudge it back into position if it moves in the flux while heating.

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