The back of the earring from the MMA

14b14aHere is a back view of the disc earrings from the MMA. Seeing the backs of things is so instructive. For example, you can see that the concave granulated discs on the front are attached to the back with pegs then covered up with the small domes you see here. The center flower is attached the same way with the center dome. The backsheet of the center section is probably separate as well. For those of you who granulate, it’s easy to see the rational here. I use the same concept when making elaborately granulated pieces. It’s much easier and safer to granulate smaller parts and then assemble them using solder than to attempt a lot of granulation on one large piece.

The only evidence I see of any method of attachment for wearing these earrings is the two holes in the edges of the center circle. Presumably the ear wire was a separate piece. (?)

I’ll try to find another similar apparatus in some otherĀ  ancient examples.

Till next time!