Construction details in Etruscan discs

Untitled-2Hi all,

Take a look at another one of the detail shots! From this view we can see two things clearly about their construction.

First, as indicated by the two arrows, you can easily see the seam between the thinner top layer and thicker back sheet.

Granulation works best on thin sheets (we usually use around 30 gauge) so we usually work on thin sheets and then solder them to a thicker

(sometimes lower karat) back sheet for strength; just as this ancient goldsmith has done.

Secondly, as indicated by the red rectangle, you can see the outer edge is not granulation but beaded wire. Beaded wire is an ancient technique

we haven’t practiced. It involves making relatively short lengths of wire (there will be more about how the ancient goldsmiths made wire in future posts)

and then using a tool to score horizontal indents along the length of the wire. This tool, along with the wire, was handmade and I feel like you can see how the same

toolmarks are repeated on each “bead”. You can also see how there is a typical looking fused connection between each bead and the backsheet.