Inlaying Argentium Silver in my Hmty Km bracelet

After milling out my ingot and Melissa Caraway forging it to a lovely shape, my Hmty Km looks like this:6% Au 94% Cu ingot milled2



Since I love to experiment, I decided to add a bit of Argentium inlay to my Hmty Km bracelet. Patinas always look best with some contrast to make them pop and Argentium is so bright I thought it would be a great addition. I engraved some random swirls in the bracelet. By the way, we are running a Florentine Engraving Intensive this Summer, if you are interested in learning to engrave. I should have planned them out better but I admit I jumped the gun a bit and drew them on freehand. Always a mistake for someone who draws as poorly as I do….

Oh well. Here is a shot of the bracelet with an engraved swirl and one swirl with Argentium melted in it.2017-05-28 10.13.09

Since Hmty Km has a high melting point (in the 1900 degree F range) and Argentium has a significantly lower melting point (between 1410 and 1610 degrees F) it’s a safe proposition to just heat with a large torch and some liquid flux until the Argentium melts into the chanels. In Wu Tong, they use powdered silver for inlay but since I didn’t have any, I just used 26 gauge argentium wire and laid it out over the chanels.

2017-05-28 10.27.19

I worked my way around the bracelet and then went back to add more to any low areas. At the end, my bracelet looks like this:

2017-05-28 10.53.24Now, I just have to grind away the excess and polish to prepare for the patina.

Until next time…