Our Next Adventure in Hmty Km

2017-05-30 15.14.10-2

After grinding and sanding, my bracelet looks like this. I realized I didn’t engrave deeply enough in spots, so now that I’ve cleaned up, my lines look muddled from disappearing  or partially disappearing in places. I’ll remember that for the next time but for this experiment I’ve decided to go with the “abstract brushwork” look. You have to be willing to mess up as much as possible to learn. This is the most difficult lesson to teach. Students (naturally enough) want things to turn out well, so they hesitate to make mistakes. The only trouble is that holds them back from learning as much as they could, as quickly as they could. The best thing I ever did to accelerate my learning was to give myself permission to ruin pieces or at least make a mess. I learned exactly what a piece or technique looked like before complete meltdown or disaster and that helped me enormously in understanding the process. I certainly don’t want you to start destroying everything but maybe think about living a little more dangerously. It’s just jewelry….