Latest update on our Met project

Hi all,

We received the analysis from the lab at the Met and now we need to verify the results against a piece that has proven to be authentic. The lab results themselves don’t prove anything, it is only that information in context that tells the story. Such as, an Etruscan piece that was excavated under scientific oversight or something with a verified provenance. We need to accomplish this  before we start on our actual reconstruction.


Untitled4The above photos are some of the pics I sent to their lab, to mark areas we wanted analyzed. We will compare our visual analysis  and the lab results to hopefully authenticate this piece.

Many of the museum staff are abroad over the Summer at various digs so examining other pieces at the moment will have to wait. In the meantime, we have moved forward with rock forging out an ingot to make some wire samples. The Etruscans didn’t have draw plates, so they made thin sheet, cut strips, wound them into coils, and rolled them between wood or stone to make short lengths of wire. I’ll show the process in detail once our gold sheet is ready and we have made some chisels to cut the sheet. Checking for artifacts of this process in Etruscan wire is an  important tool in verifying a piece. That is one of the things we will be looking for in our Etruscan discs.