All about Opals

I love opals! Back when I was an apprentice and new teacher, I wanted to work with better stones and make more elaborate pieces. However, I was sorely lacking in $$$. I approached our stone dealer, Denny, and according to her I made her “an offer she couldn’t refuse”. One of her favorite stones was opals so I got a LOT of practice working with them. Working with opals makes many experienced jewelers nervous because opals can crack when you are setting. What I learned, through lots of trial and error, is that by following a few guidelines, they aren’t hard to manage at all. I went on to make tons of successful opal pieces, some elaborate, some simple.

opal-pendantringsSILOWhen Ian Bone from Capricorn Gems came last week and did his illuminating presentation on Australian opals, he inspired me to offer a one day workshop, All About Opals Saturday October 14th. You can sign up HERE

I will share all I’ve learned about opals and how to handle and set them safely so you can incorporate their amazing fire into your work. Each opal is truly one of a kind so they are perfect for handmade, one of a kind jewelry.


Me and Ian looking over some beauties:

Ian and me 2

If you want to go crazy looking at some amazing opals, take a look at Capricorn Gems site

You’ll go nuts!