Take the BITE out of your pliers

Hi all,

I’ve been making jewelry now for 27-ish years and I see more and more that the things that make a real difference in your day to day progress are small, mundane things.  I adore new tools and new techniques and embrace them whenever it’s an improvement. Lots of times, though, all that’s required for better results is a closer look at the tools and methods you are taking for granted. I admit, I am obsessed with reducing cleanup in my student’s (and my own) work.  Whether through soldering or forming, making an unnecessary mess and then wasting your time cleaning up  is no one’s idea of fun. Jewelry making is a time consuming endeavour and one of the things that makes the results so satisfying. Wasting time, though, just stinks. With that in mind, please enjoy this little tool tip designed to cut down on your cleanup.