Bezel Settings for Faceted Stones with Jeanette K Caines

Who doesn’t love glittery faceted stones? Setting them properly is the key to showing them off (and keeping them in their settings!).

I’ll show you how to modify your setting tool so it finally works for your hands and everything else you need to know, all in one day. * Tools and materials not included in price of tuition

-Jeanette K Caines

See what some of our students have done with this technique.

Tools and Materials:
As for any of our workshops, any tools or supplies you might need can be purchased here at the studio.
round and chain nose pliers
Sharpie marker
Bezel roller
6 dwt. of fine silver sheet 26 gauge

silver posts or 20 gauge sterling wire(if you want to make earrings)

Hard and Medium silver solder
Dowel set
at least one round large faceted stone
Round is the easiest to learn with so that should be your first shape.
Larger is easier to work with also, so I would suggest
no smaller than 6 or 8 mm.


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