Customized Intensives

The only jewelry classes in NYC that fit your schedule and interests, at your own pace.

Can’t make it to our regularly scheduled, once a week classes? Do you live out of town or are planning a visit to NYC for a limited time, a few days, a few weeks, a few months? Are you an over-scheduled local? Perfect.


-Why isn’t there a set curriculum?

The primary reason we don’t have a set class curriculum is you. It was clear to the founders of JAI in 1974 (as it is to us today) that a set curriculum only benefits the teacher. Having all students do exactly the same thing, at the same time, regardless of their comprehension level is not good for students. It leaves beginner students lost and more advanced students bored. Every student learns at their own pace, so that is how we teach you. We have one teacher for every 4-5 students so each student gets individualized attention and can work on the jewelry projects that spark their interest. We strive to provide the very best learning experience for each student and that means letting you create at your own pace.

-How will I choose my projects?

Your instructors have years of experience guiding students just like you. We have over a hundred school projects to choose from, all specifically designed to teach important skills. Or, we can help you design your own, using your goals and previous experience as our guide.


-How do I know what to bring?

Bring your hand tools and anything you could need we have available for purchase here at the studio. We have a stone dealer available most days and the jewelry district is just two blocks away. We are always available by email to help you plan your visit.

Student Jewelry

Take a look at what other students have done with their JAI education.


Any Questions?

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