How do the jewelry classes work?

  • How do I choose the class that’s right for me?

    All once a week classes are taught through one-on-one instruction geared to your skill level and interests, whether you are a complete beginner or advanced metalsmith. Since our instructors work with you individually, you never have to worry about keeping up with a class that is moving too quickly or too slowly for your comfort. Your instructor will discuss your goals and experience level with you and help you choose your projects. Just sign up for the class time that best fits your schedule. Your instructors have years of team teaching experience and will guide you every step of the way.

  • What’s team teaching?

    For every 4-5 students there is one teacher. That means in your scheduled class, there may be multiple teachers. If your teacher is busy helping another student, you can always ask another free teacher for help. This results in even more help available to you, when you need it.

  • Why isn’t there a set curriculum?

    The primary reason we don’t have a set class curriculum is you. It was clear to the founders of JAI in 1974 (as it is to us today) that a set curriculum only benefits the teacher. Having all students do exactly the same thing, at the same time, regardless of their comprehension level is not good for students. It leaves beginner students lost and more advanced students bored. Every student learns at their own pace, so that is how we teach you. We have one teacher for every 4-5 students so each student gets individualized attention and can work on the jewelry projects that spark their interest. We strive to provide the very best learning experience for each student and that means letting you create at your own pace.

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Bring whatever tools you have if you already have some experience and we can supply you with the rest. If you are a complete beginner we offer a tool kit to get you started. Here is a list of the tools and their prices:

Bezel Shears $20.00valerieblum23
Pliers, Chain-nose $25.00
Pliers, Round-nose $25.00
Kiln Tweezers $ 5.00
Black Stone Tweezers $ 9.00
Cross locking Tweezers $10.00
Dividers, Round leg $27.00
Charcoal Block, small $20.00
Stackpack $ 5.00
Scriber $ 5.00
File set, Student $25.00
File, Student ½ round large $10.00
Dowel Set (9) $ 6.00
Wet/dry sandpaper set $ 3.25
Silver (17 dwt) $51.00
Stones (3) $ 6.00
Ultra-fine Sharpie $ 2.50
JAI Notebook w/pen $ 5.00
Sub Total $259.75

Tax $ 23.05

Total $282.80

What to Bring Continued:

Materials for your first project (three stacking rings) are included in the beginner tool kit. Materials for following projects will be available for purchase at the school. We offer fine silver, sterling silver, copper, and “Nugold,” enamels, various findings as well as solder. To-the-trade stone dealers are available during classes. Students wishing to work in gold (we suggest some metalsmithing experience first) will be able to take a short walk to the Jewelry District to purchase gold shot (we will be able to show you how to alloy in class).

Here are a few other pages helpful for students new to us:

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