Jewelry by Jeanette K Caines

Available by Commission
22 and 20 k gold Sleeping beauty turquoise 2400.00
Available by Commission
22k gold and diamonds 8400.00
22 and 20k and rubies 8200.00
Available by Commission
22k gold and diamond pendant 5500.00
18k and champagne diamond rings 4200.00 and 2600.00
18k and diamond earrings 1800.00
18k and diamond earrings 2400.00
Available by Commission
18k and diamonds 1200.00
18k and rubies 1800.00
18k and diamonds 1800.00
20k hoops 1500.00
Not available
18k and rubies on 18k coil chain 6400.00
18k and diamond rings 5600.00 set of three