Lens Setting with Savannah King

Lens set stones seem to float in the air, light coming in through from every angle.

I’ll show you how to make these delicate, airy settings, all in one day.*Tools and materials not included in price of tuition.

-Savannah King

Here are just a few example of what our students have done with this technique.

Tools and Materials:
As for any of our workshops, any tools or supplies you might need can be purchased here at the studio.

Lens shaped stones


Jet Sett  $3.00

Dividers $27.00

400 sand paper  $1.50

Green paper  $2.00

3DWT  $9.00

*20 gauge sterling round wire

*.015 Fine Silver Sheet

Hard Solder $3.50

Medium Solder $3.50


Total $49.50


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