Pearl Knotting with Melissa Caraway

 Everybody loves pearls, but not everyone knows the best (or safest) way to show them off. I’ll teach you all the tricks I know for a fabulous strand of pearls or beads.*Tools and materials not included in price of tuition.

-Melissa Caraway

Take a look at just some of our students’ creations using these techniques:

Supplies Kit –

Tools and Materials

Saturday April 16th 11:00am-6:00pm one hour lunch


As for any of our workshops, any tools or supplies you might need can be purchased here at the studio.
Bead board with lid $ 7.00*

Large sticky bead mat $20.00

Sticky bead mat $ 5.25

Bird Scissors $ 8.00*

Crimping pliers, micro $13.00

Crimping pliers, regular $13.00*

Crimping pliers, mighty $13.00

Pearl knotting tweezers $ 6.00*

Bead/pearl reamers $ 6.00

Beading awl $ 6.00*

Bead stopper $ 1.00*

Needles $ 2.00*

Hypo Cement $ 5.00*

Griffin Silk – all sizes; all colors (2) $ 5.00*

Beadalon (49 strand) $15.00*

Sterling findings $10.00*

Pearl strands (3) $45.00*

*You’ll need this $ 123.00 +$10.91(tax) = $133.91

**This will make your beading life so much easier $180.25 +$15.99 tax = $196.24

There will also be pearl strands for sale.


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