• November 9th, 2016
    Director of Jewelry Arts Inc., Jeanette K Caines, appeared in a PBS/Nova special, Treasures of the Earth:Metals
    in their segment about gold.
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  • September 17, 2012
    Article published featuring Jewelry Arts by the New York Times, written by Alice Pfeiffer.
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  • September 2016
    Sometimes a career is something you’ve dreamed of for years—and sometimes you wake up one day knowing it’s for you. We sat down with Jeanette Caines, director of jewelry art at Jewelry Arts Inc., to learn more about the evolution of jewelry design, how spontaneity can be a gift, and the wisdom of wearing bright red jumpsuits to your first day of class.
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  • September, 2012
    JAI one of Top 50 Fashion Schools Across the Globe
    We are delighted to announce that Jewelry Arts Institute was named in the Top 50 Fashion Schools and Programs Across the Globe. The ONLY jewelry school to make it to this list.
  • Talk about hitting a niche market. The Jewelry Arts Institute’s goal is to give a solid education in jewelry design and creation. Pay attention aspiring jewelry designers. Their student-to-teacher ratio is unparalleled at 1 teacher to every 5 students. In addition to teaching core basics like granulation, enameling, chain weaving, etc., they also offer advanced classes that allow their students (once they have mastered the basics) to continue with more-advanced classical training or to use their foundations to explore new directions in the jewelry arts. There really isn’t another school in the country serving this niche so well, which makes it a solid option for aspiring jewelry designers.