Soldering Demystified with Jeanette K Caines

Soldering problems holding you back? Most of the soldering advice out there is confusing, unhelpful and sometimes just wrong. It’s no wonder so many students struggle with it.  I developed this class particularly to solve the problems that all students have with soldering, which inspired me to write my book, Soldering Demystified. Give me one day and your soldering will improve 1000%.*Tools and materials not included in price of tuition.

-Jeanette K Caines

Saturday June 3rd 11:00am-6:00pm one hour lunch




Tools and materials:
As for any of our workshops, any tools or supplies you might need can be purchased here at the studio.

You should bring your basic hand tools:

Scissors, chain and round nose pliers, files, sandpaper, tweezers, dividers, soldering blocks, ruler, Sharpie marker, silver solders etc.

There are a few specific tools I will have you buy at the studio if you don’t already have them:

clean Solderite board 14.00

Magnesia block 12.00

stone tweezers for soldering 9.00

You will want to practice some of the demonstrated techniques on the spot, so you can bring fine or sterling wire, round or half round (any shape, really) to practice soldering ring shanks, bangles, and jump rings. You can also bring fine or sterling silver sheet to practice soldering bezels down, etc.

If you are currently working on any projects, bring them also. We can troubleshoot any problems you might be having.