The Prong Experience

 Learn how to make beautiful prong settings for rose cut and cabochon stones. I’ll show you the fastest and easiest ways, and we will finish your piece in one day. * Tools and materials not included in price of tuition

-Savannah King

Check out just some of our students’ creations using this technique.

Tools and Materials
As for any of our workshops, any tools or supplies you might need can be purchased here at the studio.

You will need a cabochon or rose cut stone (flat bottomed)

Magnesia Block $10.00

Dowel Set $6.00

Metals: 10 dwt $30.00 (.040 sterling silver sheet-sterling

round wire- sterling ½ round wire)

Hard Solder $3.50

Sharpie $2.50

Prong sandpaper set $1.75

Subtotal: $53.75




You should also bring some full and needle size files, shears (scissors),

and chain and round nose pliers. You may need them depending

on whether you choose a pendant, ring. etc.


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